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Brillantmont art student wins top prize.

| 0 comments| by Angela Mc Fall

The great thing about studying in a Swiss boarding school in Lausanne means that our students are very close to the design capital of the world -Milan, Italy. A couple of weeks ago, a group of students headed to NABA - the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti where they followed a workshop intended to give students experience of a college level design course. The topic was "You only live once, maybe twice" and was about recycling in design. The workshop was hosted by designer Hagit Pincovici, whose work is very philosophical. After an initial presentation on different types of design, with references to unusual,  original, artists, it was time to get creative.  The participants, who came from several schools,  were asked to  create a character which they could make using various materials available. 

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BM students' world success in maths

| 6 comments| by John Kennedy

Brillantmont teachers are always using different resources in order to fully engage and stimulate their students. In the Maths Department, some classes are signed up to the online iMaths and my iMaths platform. Through a variety of activities, games and quizzes, students can extend and reinforce their maths skills, consolidating their in-class knowledge. Their teachers can even set and mark homework through it. Students receive clearly explained feedback on their results, helping them and the teacher evaluate areas of strength and areas which need further work.

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Boarding school life - Bertrand Piccard inspiring a whole generation

| 2 comments| by Sarah Frei

Brillantmont students had the fantastic opportunity last week to attend a presentation by Bertrand Piccard, the famous Swiss explorer, whose accomplishments are part of a long-standing family tradition; his father Jacques was a pioneer in oceanography and his grandfather Auguste was an extraordinary physicist, perhaps best known for stratospheric balloons. Bertrand's own desires to push back the boundaries of exploration reached new heights, literally, when he became the first man to successfully circum-navigate the globe, non-stop,  in the Breitling Orbiter 3 hot air balloon. In 2015, he accomplished the first round-the-world solar flight in  history in his   Solar Impulse 2 aircraft, which was designed in collaboration with Lausanne's EPFL.   

Through his exploits, he is keen to share his concerns about today's world - sustainable development, poverty, climate change -and in so doing, stimulate discussion and ultimately promote concrete actions leading to change. Brillantmont students were very enthusiastic about his presentation, which proved most thought-provoking.

Ben says, " He addressed the fear that you have in certain situations and explained why he has lived his life in that way. Clearly, it's important for him to live his dreams and he  told us also that we should live ours." Megan added, "He got straight to the point and explained that you should be confident in your own abilities. If someone tells you something can't be done because it's never been done before, that's the worst excuse, because it means there's someone in the world who can do it. He made us realise that if we don't take affirmative action, there won't be any changes in the world."

Piccard's environmental concerns resonated with Bettina, who shares his view that " in Switzerland, we are very aware of recycling and maintaining a clean atmosphere; being able to move away from non-renewable sources of energy  in the future is important. " Her feelings were echoed by Andreas, who says, "I'm going to live in the future and my children too, so the future we create is important to me." Let's hope that such an inspiring presentation will lead BM students to be engaged and committed actors in the destiny of the world around us.

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Boarding school life - our autumn trip

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei

Life at boarding school means you get to go on lots of fun trips and this autumn  break, a group of Brillantmont students were lucky enough to go on a trip to Verona, Italy and Nice, France. Verona is of course the setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and no trip there would be complete without a visit to Juliet's balcony, although Brenda commented that "it was really small". (This is true!)  The students had the chance to discover the charms of Verona, its historic centre, as well as letting their hair down in the Gardaland

amusement park.

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Boarding student speak: "Japanese evening"

| 0 comments| by our boarders

Cooking up a cultural feast!

 This week saw our first international evening of the new school year. What better way to learn about a country's culture than through its food! At BM international evenings pave the school year and our students are always very excited and proud to be able to show-case their country to others who might know very little about it. They work together with our chef and our kitchen team to cook delicious food for over 100 people and put a lot of thought and energy into the little details.

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Boarding student speak: "We're back home!"

| 0 comments| by Château girls

We're back home!

 Join us for regular posts from students & staff. This week, the Château girls celebrate being back in residence after the summer break. Here's what some of our châtelaines have to say!

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Coming back to Brillantmont

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei

A new school year is ready to start at Brillantmont International School. As students across the world pack their bags, ready to step into this exciting new period of their lives, many will probably feel a bit nervous. It's understandable. Leaving  the security and comfort of home to go to boarding school is a huge step. "Will I fit in? Will I make friends? What happens when I get homesick" are just some of the apprehensions they may have.

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We Celebrate our 135th Birthday with an Alumni Luncheon

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei

Last week we had a lovely celebration of Brillantmont International School’s 135th birthday! The weather was sunny and hot as alumni of all ages gathered on our campus to remember their time at the school and immerse themselves in the wonderful legacy BM has built. Below, enjoy some of the photos from the afternoon.

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Director Pasche Congratulates the Class of 2017!

| 0 comments| by Philippe Pasche

This year our graduation and prize giving ceremony was another incredible reminder of the amazing accomplishments of our students and how far we have come as a Swiss boarding school in our long history in Lausanne. The ceremony included some great vocal and instrumental performances by students, a message from Ms. Anne Frei, President of the Board and co-owner of Brillantmont, and the giving of awards and diplomas. I had the great pleasure of welcoming all the friends, family, staff, and students to the event and as the Director of the school, I would like to share some of my words with you here.

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Advantages of Studying at a Small Boarding School

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei

Over the course of building and expanding our ever-more-popular school blog that explores all aspects of boarding school life, we have spoken with many parents, students, staff, teachers, and alumni about what makes a top Swiss boarding school. Some strong themes have come out of these discussions and interviews over the years. One of the big ones is that the size of your boarding school has a huge effect on a student’s learning experience and level of connection with teachers and other students.

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