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My Model United Nations experience - Nicolas

| 0 comments| by Student Voice Student Voice

This week Brillantmont students are at MUN in the Hague. Model United Nations is an integral part of our programmes and we are delighted to participate in two overseas conferences each year, in addition to the MUN events we join locally.

Nicolas, an 11th Grade student, shares his MUN Singapore experience.


"As a Brillantmont student I had the chance to take part to the THIMUN conference in Singapore. During the time of the preparation, we learned multiple skills which would be helpful during the conference such as public speaking, individual research and protocolary language relevant to the UN context.

The more the conference was approaching, the more everyone could feel the tension going up. Once arrived in Singapore, my stress reached a whole new level (the seven-hours jet lag might not have helped).

I realized that I was going to spend four days in an auditorium, full of people I didn’t know and who were probably way more prepared than me, trying to debate with them and somehow sell myself and my ideas. 

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Art creates opportunities for the students at Brillantmont

| 0 comments| by Angela Mc Fall

At Brillantmont, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of subjects which help our students find their true passion, and develop their talents. It doesn’t matter whether they aim for a future career in the arts, or they just love expressing themselves in a visual way.

We welcome students who want to be inspired, and who want to be creative.

The art department at Brillantmont delivers a curriculum that encourages students to forge their own path. Whether painting, drawing, sculpting or collage-making catch their attention, we nurture and encourage that love of art.

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The 10th anniversary of Reading Week at Brillantmont was filled with emotions and creative vibes!

| 0 comments| by Marie Odile Robbins Marie Odile Robbins

What a week! For Reading Week's 10th anniversary, we invited an award-winning Canadian spoken word poet Jamaal Jackson Rogers and an award-winning film and television director Randy Kelly to our school. Over the course of five days, all of our students were given the opportunity to attend ‘3,2,1 Speak!’ workshops during which they learned some poetic devices and were inspired to write and craft their poems.

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The Rise of The Robots - Robotics and Programming in Brillantmont

| 0 comments| by John Kennedy John Kennedy

Since September, our Grade 8 students have been putting together electronic components that are gradually turning into robots. Robotics and programming courses are part of Brillantmont International School core curriculum to develop connections between science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics - the STEAM fields

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A buzz in the air at Brillantmont as we prepare for a special Reading Week

| 0 comments| by Marie Odile Robbins Marie Odile Robbins

We are looking forward to celebrating the 10th year anniversary of our annual Reading Week this December. It is always an exciting time with fun events, which bring the whole school together and celebrate the power of words.

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Model United Nations (MUN) - Exclusivity for all at Brillantmont!

| 2 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

What is MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. Students research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems.

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An amazing Autumn Half Term trip to the French Riviera

| 0 comments| by Martyn Dix Martyn Dix

One advantage of Brillantmont’s location in Switzerland is that we can easily organise trips to different parts of Europe which are very close by.  Every autumn half term holiday we organise a week-long trip and this year our students went to the French Riviera.

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National Digital Day in Switzerland - robotics and coding in Brillantmont

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

Thursday October 25th is National Digital Day in Switzerland. This government run initiative is in its 2nd year and aims to promote and encourage digital skills across the country.

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Friends for life at Brillantmont International School

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

Boarding school life is about so much more than just the learning. It’s about belonging to a community, sharing experiences, growing and developing alongside others.

Living with others of the same age creates a unique bond; you share triumphs and joys and you’ve also got people to support you when the going gets tough. The friendships you make during your time at Brillantmont will shape and impact your life.

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My first few weeks at Brillantmont International School

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

So much has already happened at Brillantmont since school started back in September. Our new students have settled in well and already feel very much at home in our warm, friendly community and we are proud of how our returning students have made them feel welcome. As Mr Mc Clean, Assistant Academic Head enthuses, “It has been a terrific start to the new academic year. The students are positive, engaged and working hard but more importantly the sense of enjoyment is tangible.”

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