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Switzerland - where a truly unique boarding school experience awaits your child.

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It’s the time of year when many families are looking at boarding school options for the next academic year, 24-25. There are so many amazing schools around the world, which makes coming to a decision quite difficult!
Choosing between a Swiss boarding school and one elsewhere in the world, depends on personal preferences and goals. Consider factors like culture, language, academic programme and the school’s Guiding Statements when making your decision.

Are you looking for a school which is purely results oriented or do you want a more holistic education, with a balance between academic rigour and a stimulating extra-curricular offer?


Swiss boarding school - Brillantmont International School in Lausanne

Switzerland - an incredible learning environment

Swiss boarding schools are famous worldwide, with reputations going back for more than a century. Quality comes with a cost of course, partly due to the country's high cost of living standards, but also due to the quality of education provided – exceptional infrastructures, small class sizes, highly qualified staff and a vast range of after school and weekend activities, often in spectacular locations. Studying in a Swiss boarding school offers a unique experience. Each school has its own special features, and we certainly feel that there is a school in our amazing country that will suit your child.

- How does Brillantmont fit into this diverse offer?
- What makes Brillantmont so special?


Brillantmont, founded in 1882 and still owned and run by the founding family, is one of the oldest Swiss boarding schools and the only one in the French speaking region to offer British IGCSE and A Level, alongside the High School Diploma. We are not part of a huge chain of schools. Our independence and family ownership creates a unique atmosphere, where the students feel completely at home, nurtured by our family community.


Brillantmont 140_years_of_academic_excellence_brochure

Brillantmont history


The small size of the school (around 80-90 students from Grade 8-12) means that we offer a bespoke, well-rounded education, truly focused on the individual. We want our students to fulfil their academic potential, but we also want to develop soft skills such as intercultural understanding, leadership and teamwork.  What happens beyond the classroom is just as important as what happens within it and at Brillantmont, you can expect a diverse range of extracurricular activities. These may include sports like skiing and hiking, cultural excursions, art and music programs, Service Learning and Model United Nations.  The location of the school and the proximity to the city enriches our offer.

At Brillantmont, being small and caring goes hand in hand with academic rigour. We strive for each student to fulfil their potential, to be a successful learner and to thrive intellectually. Thanks to our academic programmes – A Level or High School Diploma, all students can continue to universities all over the world, including the Russell Group and Swiss public universities.


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Learn more about our academic programmes!


When it comes to a Swiss boarding school education – small is definitely beautiful, so think Brillantmont!
Moreover, we accept students for just one academic year or even a term (depending on the grade). Thus, as you continue your research and shortlist your options, why not include Brillantmont - the small school with a huge heart?

We’d love to tell you more in a Zoom call.



Brillantmont International School in Lausanne, Switzerland



Why not become part of our BM family?

Find out more by calling +41 21 310 0400 or by email admissions@brillantmont.ch. 

Wed love to tell you more!


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