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Highlights of Summer School 2016 - last chance to register!

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

Summer school is  here at Brillantmont International School in Lausanne. The school year has ended and the school is busy welcoming a new summer school crowd. Every year, students from all over the world gather on our beautiful campus to increase their language skills, meet new friends, and generally have an incredible summer full of fun and sports. They're having a great time and you could too!

Now is your last chance to register and enjoy  this incredible programme. Most of our spots are filled already, but there are a few left from late July (pending nationality quotas). So apply right away if you are interested.

lausanne cathedral_trip.jpg

Summer school students on an outing to Lausanne Cathedral!


Every year new parents have questions about what the summer programme is like and what the children can look forward to. In our blog over the past few months we have shared a lot of this with you.

For instance, in a blog about discovering Switzerland, we presented some of the wonderful things parents can do after dropping their children off for the programme. We also posted a blog that outlined what a day in the life of a Swiss summer school student looks like. This helps our families know what to expect when they come to Lausanne. And we even shared with you a slideshow of past activities and students as well as testimonials from past participants.

We hope this has been useful in preparing you and your child for summer school abroad. Coming to a boarding school for the first time can me scary for some kids, so the more we can do to reassure you and them, the better!

To round off our Swiss summer school series, we have pulled out for you the top four highlights of the programme – highlights that we often hear our students talking about.



Two friends play games at Brillantmont.jpg

Making new friendships that will last a lifetime! 

      • Making friends from all over the world
        When you come to summer school abroad, you are guaranteed to meet people from across the globe. Students from very diverse cultures and speaking many different languages come together to share of themselves and learn from one another. Students share a room in our boarding houses with someone of a different nationality, a very enriching experience.

        The entire programme is filled with fun, living and learning alongside others from other cultures. When your child attends the Brillantmont Summer Course, encourage them to come ready to share their culture and experience and be open to what they may learn from others. These connections and friendships can last a lifetime.
      • Learning languages in a fun, innovative way Our teachers at Brillantmont International School make learning fun with a particular emphasis on communication and oral fluency. We spend the mornings in class and have the occasional group study session in the evenings, but a lot of what the students learn is also applied in real-life situations in and around Lausanne. Students can apply their French or even English skills out in the community.

Beautiful views of Switzerland as seen from a hike in the alps. Photo credit Ed Coyle.


        • Going out and about in Switzerland
          Some of the big highlights of the summer programme are all the fieldtrips and activities that take place around Switzerland, away from our campus. We take the students on excursions to go to the lake for stand up paddling, swimming and banana boating; go to a favorite waterpark, try mountain karting or rock climbing as well as visiting many well-known museums and landmarks. Ask any student who has attended the Summer Course in the past and you will hear that these activities always form special memories.
        • Fun and laughs and great memories This final highlight speaks for itself. The memories gathered at summer boarding school, and the friendships made, will last a lifetime. Come and join the fun!


For more information and to apply for the summer programme, please see below:


Summer School eBook


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