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Swiss Summer School

Swiss Summer School Memories at Brillantmont - with Slideshow!

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“When our daughter Nanako first attended a summer programme at Brillantmont, we realized that Mr. Pasche and other teachers as well as school staff treated her as if she were their family.  We were truly grateful to all of them and decided to let her go back to Brillantmont next summer.  Now she has many friends all over the world and is excited to return to Brillantmont as a regular student in September this year.”

Mr and Mrs M. - parents of Nanako from Japan, Summer Course 2012-2016

Swiss Summer School
Afternoons at Swiss summer school include fun sports activities on and off the campus

Swiss summer school at Brillantmont International School is something you will never forget. Filled with mornings of learning, afternoons of sports and outdoor adventure, and evenings filled with friends, music and dance, this summer school provides your child with a rich experience. 


Many of our students return again and again to reconnect with friends and enjoy the incredible opportunities that Switzerland has to offer. Located in Lausanne on the Lake of Geneva, Brillantmont provides an ideal location for summer recreation. 


Swiss Summer School

Swiss summer school students get to have fun with sports and activities they have never tried out before!

Here is a testimonial from one of our students who attended the programme for a number of years in a row:


“You meet incredible people from all around the world, you improve the language you chose to
study, you do a lot of new things, play some sports you didn’t even know existed and you have a lot of fun. It’s also in a beautiful place and you have some free time to go in to town.”
– Anaïs, Summer Course 2012-2015


Watch the slideshow below to get a glimpse into some of the fun that is had at Brillantmont every year! The best Swiss summer school memories are often captured on camera. To find out more and apply for your child, go to our summer school page.


Get more information and sign up for our summer course here:
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