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Internship at the Hospital

What I Learned from my Boarding School Internship at the Hospital

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

At Brillantmont, education is personalised, tailor-made to challenge students and develop their skills and competences through active learning. This personalisation also applies to the way in which Brillantmont prepares its students for the next stage in their lives.


 The world is changing fast and the jobs people will have in 10 years’ time may not even exist yet. Thus, when guiding our students in their university careers, we need to consider the constantly evolving workplace.


Brillantmont students enter universities around the world, from places such as Switzerland, Japan, Italy, and Brazil. Some might have clearly defined plans as to the path they will take yet many are unsure or simply overwhelmed by the many possibilities they have. This is why it is helpful for students to have first hand experience of a workplace or a higher education establishment.


Every year, Brillantmont students attend university Open Days that help them understand the expectations and daily routines that they can expect. Such days also enable our students to have contact with other students and to hear first hand what their chosen degree path has in store. A great deal of digital material – videos, webinars for example – can also help give a greater understanding and help our students decide if they want to pursue that chosen course of study.

Work experience is another way in which students can find out more about a particular job. Should they wish to explore career paths while at boarding school, Brillantmont helps students find work experience in any domain. Recently, this has looked like students spending a week in a primary school, experiencing the routine of a veterinary practice, shadowing the employees of an architectural studio, and experiencing the rigour of the life of a doctor at the local hospital.

Faye Bardi from Greece recnelty spent a week at a primary school, ISL, where she observed classes, learned from teachers about their teaching methods and helped with a diverse set of tasks ranging from heloing children with their reading skills one-on-one to laminating worksheets and creating colourful displays. She says of her experience,


 "I enjoy spending time with young children... and from my work experience I became sure that this is the path I want to follow as it was the first time I was ever in a proper classroom setting with children."

Andrea Oliveri from Italy had the opportunity to intern at the local university teaching hospital in Lausanne, CHUV. He found it very valuable not only as something to put on his resume, but also to give him a better idea of what studying medicine and becoming a doctor would be like.

“During the placement I had the possibility of seeing how doctors and nurses work in an important structure like the CHUV. I even met others who were also on a similar work placement experience, which gave me the chance to compare my ideas and impressions with theirs.”


Whenever a student has a particular interest, Brillantmont will try to find a suitable work experience placement that will help to demystify the profession for them and show the student the daily reality of the job. In so doing, we can help clarify the students’ objectives and plans for their future.


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