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Exam Prep at Boarding School -- Part I: In the Classroom

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

The spring term has begun and as our students begin immersing themselves in their classes, trying out new activities, and making new friends, it is important not to forget to start preparing for exams.


Spring is the time for many of the important exams of your boarding school career, tests that will shape your future. At Brillantmont, we prepare our students to take IGCSE, A Levels, SAT, IELTS and European language exams.


The following are some tips for how to get ahead in your exam prep. Whether this spring includes a milestone exit exam for you such as the A levels or SATs, or just a challenging term of regular classes, every student at every level can start to adopt some of these healthy learning habits.

In a class
1. Attend every class and be on time 

Whether it is a class or an exam workshop, attend every one so that you do not miss any important material. Being on time shows respect to the teachers and shows them that you are eager to learn, plus sometimes reviewing is done at the beginning of class. If you cannot attend because you're ill, have a friend take notes for you or ask the teacher what you missed.

2. Sit near the front

It is easier to pay attention and stay focused when you sit near the front of the class. Brillantmont is unique in being a small international school, so class sizes allow for all students to engage in ways that work for them. Take advantage of the fantastic student to teacher ratio. 

Maths class

3. Get into the habit of taking notes 

Taking notes is an important skill that you will need in university. Start getting into the habit of taking them early on. Every year during reading week, Brillantmont brings in an author to talk to the students about their work. Guest lectures and workshops like this allow for even more practice opportunities. The more you do it the more natural and easy it becomes!

4. Make sure you understand everything

Teachers at Brillantmont encourage their students to ask questions. Guests that have come to our school have noted the high level of engagment that our students demonstrate. If you are confused by something being taught, or are unsure of a concept that was just explained, do not be shy to ask questions. It is often the people that speak up who end up learning the most. And chances are that if you do not understand something, you are not alone. Another classmate will be grateful that someone asked for clarification. 

5. Review your notes after class 

One of the best tips for early exam preparation is to go over your notes after class, ideally the same day. Even a quick glance over what you wrote will help solidify and consolidate what you have been learning and make it easier to recall information on the test.


The excellent teachers and staff at Brillantmont are happy to work with you individually to provide study support. The small size of the school allows for individualised attention to be sure that no student falls behind or feels overwhelmed.


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