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The 5 Most Read Articles of 2016 on the Brillantmont Blog

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

This past year our blog was filled with articles on school activities, student achievements, graduation plans, curriculum highlights shared by teachers, discussion about some of the important topics that concern our parents, new policies at the school, and well wishes from our director. As the old year wraps up and a new one begins, we looked back at some of our most popular articles at the boarding school and drew them together in this year-in-review finale. Find below some of the highlights of last year’s blog.

1. How my Child Benefits from Studying at a Swiss Boarding School

One of our top articles this year was this one that took a parent's perspective on how their children benefited from studying at boarding school in Switzerland. With direct quotes from families, this blog is packed with useful information for anyone thinking of sending their child to school abroad. 

 » Read Studying at a Swiss Boarding School

2. Boarding School Builds your Child’s Confidence

 One of the many benefits of studying at boarding school in Switzerland or anywhere in the world, is the confidence it builds. As students move away from their family and join a new family at school, they must learn independence, self-discipline, an academic work ethic, social skills…. and with the support of the staff, teachers and other students at the boarding school, each child builds their confidence step-by-step. Activities like Model United Nations provide further opportunities for students to push themselves in ways they did not know they could. As they take on new challenges and learn more about themselves, their passions, and their talents, students mature in extraordinary ways.

» Read Boarding School Builds your Child’s Confidence

3. Why Swiss Boarding Schools Creates Great Leaders

This blog pushed back against an earlier article in a British publication that argued that strong leadership skills were missing in boarding school attendees. Our response to this was an article that demonstrated that this is not true, particularly in the diverse, smaller boarding schools in Switzerland like Brillantmont International School. Here we have been able to create excellent leaders who excel all over the world due to the family atmosphere at the school, exceptional support and pastoral care from staff, and close knit friendships that last a life time. Read more about what creates great leaders at Swiss boarding school.

» Read Why Swiss Boarding Schools Creates Great Leaders

4. Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying at Boarding School 

This article touched on one of the concerns that parents at boarding schools all over the world can be faced with: bullying. We are lucky at Brillantmont International School to have very few problems with this, however, we still do a number of things to help prevent it from occurring. This article explores some of the challenges, why bullying occurs, and what our school does to address them. A very important topic for today’s world, this is meant as a resource for parents, teachers, and students alike.

» Read Cyber Bullying at Boarding School 

5. Swiss Summer School Memories at Brillantmont

This year we featured a number of articles on our Summer Course. Every year, students from all over the world join us for language learning and fun summer activities on the lake and in the Swiss alps. This article was particularly popular with some memories of what summer school in Switzerland looks like. It even included a slideshow from last year's camp!
» Read Swiss Summer School Memories

We look forward to another great year of articles ahead. If you are ever curious to hear more about a particular topic, please post your comment in one of the comment boxes below each of our aticles and we may consider a blog post on it!

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