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Swiss Boarding School at Brillantmont - an Alumni Perspective Part II

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

elHearing about a boarding school from the students who have attended there is incredibly important when searching for the best school for your child. This is why we have put together this series of alumni interviews to give parents and future students a tast of what our students are like and where they go after leaving Brillantmont. 

In this, the second of our alumni spotlight blogs, we highlight Fraser Mc Beth from the UK. Fraser was a student at Brillantmont from 2007 to 2010 and in this blog he shares with us his journey after Brillantmont and how boarding school prepared him for his career.

 Fraser Mc Beth

What did you do when you left boarding school at Brillantmont?


When I finished Brillantmont I was offered a Finance and Commercial apprenticeship role with Siemens based in Manchester. This 3 year program allowed me to study for a B.A. (Hons) Degree in Business Management, as well as working full-time and gaining experience across a number of different departments and business functions, before deciding where I would like to work on a permanent basis.


What is your profession now and what does it involve?


I now work in purchasing as a Commodity Manager for DAF Trucks, based just outside Manchester, where I am responsible for sourcing various components on the trucks such as Axles, Brakes and electrical products. A lot of my day-to-day work includes maintaining supplier relationships, identifying new opportunities, negotiating pricing and managing any risks that would cause disruption to the manufacturing line. It also gives me a lot of opportunity to travel, visiting our other factories and suppliers across Europe.


How did Brillantmont help you to get where you are today?


The experience of studying and working abroad at boarding school has definitely given me an advantage in my career so far. With the employment market being so competitive any extra edge can help you stand out, and it’s provided a lot of experiences that global companies are looking for, such as the ability to speak more than one language and understanding different cultures. I also feel that the small size of the school helped in many ways with developing closer relationships but also interacting in a working / learning environment, as classes would normally lead to some kind of debate or discussion which could help you open up to a better understanding different points of view.



What advice would you give to someone considering going to boarding school at Brillantmont?


The three years I spent at Brillantmont have had a huge impact on my life, and I certainly wouldn’t be in the position I am today, not only in terms of my career but the friendships I have developed, if I hadn’t  joined the school. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity then I would highly recommend it. The best advice I could give is to make the most of the experience, be open and get involved in the sports or clubs the school offers to meet different people. Do that and you will make so many connections that can help in your years after BM, if it’s mutual friends or career opportunities, it can open so many doors.


Thank you to Fraser for sharing his experience at boarding school in Switzerland with us. If you have any further questions on the Brillantmont programmes or student life, please contact us directly. 

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