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5 Reasons Why to Choose Winter Course at Brillantmont

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

Every year at Brillantmont, we offer students from all over the world a chance to come and join our boarding school in Switzerland with our Winter Camp and Language Course Programme. For between four and six weeks during January and February, students can take part in lessons, make new friends, enjoy excursions, brush up on their winter sports skills on the mountains, and explore beautiful Lausanne in Switzerland.

Packed with fun activities and learning opportunities, our Winter Camp and Language Course programme is extremely popular - so make sure you book quickly to avoid missing out! But first, read on to see exactly what the course offers, and why students love coming to Brillantmont for their winter break.



Study options for students
There are two different options when signing up for the Winter Course: the Mini High School programme and the Swiss Discovery programme. With the first, visitors are fully immersed in life here at Brillantmont, taking part in high school lessons, study French and participating in activities alongside our full time students. The second option selects less classes from the High School, has more French and includes an extra excursion. Both give the opportunity to live and learn amongst students from all over the world in a caring, supportive environment.



Language learning
Students on the Winter Course are encouraged to learn and use French at every opportunity. Teachers speak French around and about, and there are lessons each day designed to strengthen language skills. Taking part in other courses at the school means learning in English, so international students have the chance to develop dual language abilities. Using both French and English is expected when out in the community, too!

   Study at Brillantmont International School library


High school studies
Brillantmont has an extensive selection of subjects on offer for our full time students, and Winter Course students can take part in regular classes as part of both the High School and Swiss Discovery programmes. From Art to History and from Science to Sport, there is plenty to choose from. Students can keep up with subjects they study back home, or try something new - and they get to keep working on their language skills, too.


IMG_3869  BM_art class


Excursions and activities
Students at Brillantmont are encouraged to pursue their personal interests through the school’s many clubs and societies. Winter Course visitors are welcome to sign up for activities, too. This is a great way to mix with other students and make new friends.


Ski week 025

Brillantmont is located in beautiful Lausanne, on the edge of Lake Geneva, with stunning mountain views. It has easy access to the city, too. There is so much to do and explore. During regular school time, and as part of our Winter Course, we arrange fun and interesting trips for our students. This can include museum visits, cinema outings, shopping, and of course, plenty of skiing!



Ski trips and Ski Week
Every weekend through winter, students can experience the thrill of skiing right here in the local area, as we take to the slopes for lessons with skilled and experienced instructors from the Swiss Ski School. The Winter Course has an extension option which includes our annual Ski Week, with a full seven days of fabulous skiing in Zinal. From absolute beginners to accomplished skiers, the 4000 metre peaks of this resort have slopes to suit every student.


Brillantmont International School ski trips in Switzerland for students


Brillantmont 2020 Winter Camp and Language Course.

Sign up now to take part!

Brillantmont Winter Camp and Language Course 2020 dates: Wednesday 8th January to Saturday 22nd February (4, 5 or 6 week courses available).

We have two options for you to choose from:

Option 1: Mini High School Programme
Students follow regular classes with the other students, taking French and other High School subjects too.

Option 2: Swiss Discovery Programme
Learn French, enjoy additional classes with our other students, discover the local area through interesting excursions.

Download here the full application package

Students wishing to join the Winter Course should contact Brillantmont as soon as possible to book their place. This is a very popular study programme, so places fill up quickly.

To enrol a student onto the course, or for more information about any aspect of the 4-6 week session, speak to our Admissions Team today! Telephone +41 21 310 0400 or contact admissions@brillantmont.ch.

We look forward to seeing you!


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