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Winter Course in Switzerland


Winter Course 2020 dates: Wednesday 8th January to Saturday 22nd February (4, 5 or 6 week courses available).  


The Brillantmont Winter Course is for students looking to have a short stay, international learning experience, including French.


It is ideally suited to students in countries which enjoy long holidays from January - what better way to make good use of the vacation!


We have two options for you to choose from:

Option 1: Mini High School Programme
Students follow regular classes with the other students, taking French and other High School subjects too.

Option 2: Swiss Discovery Programme
Learn intensive French, choose additional classes, enjoy excursions in the local area.

Whichever programme you choose, you'll be fully integrated into boarding school life and can experience living with students from many different countries. You can participate in clubs and school activities and enjoy our exciting ski / winter sports programme, in which we go skiing every weekend and spend a fabulous February week in the mountains, skiing all day.


Join a Winter Adventure in Switzerland!

Great learning experience!

A unique boarding school programme for boys and girls aged 13-16

International students from 30 different countries

The high school programme is taught in English and includes French classes, a variety of sports, the possibility to join school clubs

Students put their language skills to good use in the local area, which is French-speaking

Ski trip every weekend to a well known Swiss ski resort

Winter Course Programmes


4  week programme: Winter Course programme

5 week programme: Winter Course & Excursion Week (out and about discovering local places of interest and practising French)

6 week programme - Winter Course & Excursion Week & Ski Week in the beautiful resort of Zinal.

"I met a lot of people and became really close friends with some. I'm still in contact with them. I improved my English and French.
I learned to be more interactive with people and learned about other cultures. I had a lot of fun and it was an amazing experience."
- Rafaella from Peru
Winter Course 2020 dates:
Wednesday 8th January to Saturday 22nd February
(4, 5 or 6 week courses available)
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Winter Course today!

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