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Brillantmont International School Robotics class

The robots are Coming! Coding comes to life at Brillantmont.

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In previous blogs, we’ve shared with your our excitement at the introduction of coding and robotics classes into our 8th and 9th Grade curricula.

Over the last few weeks, the students have been making huge leaps forward. Their robots are ready to roll and digital snakes are eating apples all over the place!


In 8th Grade, what were once only circuit boards now have battery packs and wheels. These programmable robots can not only play music; they can now move around by themselves. Soon they will be able to follow problem solving algorithms, designed by our students. 




In the more advanced Python class, the 9th Graders are putting the finishing touches to a snake game which resembles the one that used to be found on the first generation of  Nokia mobile phones.


Building a game like this from scratch takes a huge amount of programming and effort. The games started with a moving 'turtle' controlled from the keyboard, which could eat an apple represented by a small blob, simply by navigating towards it. Some students got creative by changing the colour and layout options in their code and there were even a few graphical giraffes or sharks thrown in for good measure! 

After this, our students added code that kept score of the number of randomly placed apples eaten and increased the speed and size of the snake as the game progressed.
In both classes, our students are really beginning to see how their understanding and work can be used to complete useful and meaningful technological tasks which have applications well beyond the classroom.


Want to learn more about the education at Brillantmont International School or ready to register your child in our programme? Click the link below.


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