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My first term in a Swiss Boarding School

| 1 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

The first term at Brillantmont has whizzed by with many exciting events paving the school calendar. The first few days, when we welcomed new students, on their first experience away from home, seem a distant memory. Our students are now well and truly immersed in school life and part of the BM family. After the first weeks of hard study, the October break to Nice and Verona provided a welcome taste of European dolce vita. Back in school, the annual Reading Week celebrated the power of words and brought out our students' creative sides. The ever popular Model United Nations trip to Singapore provided unique opportunities to develop leadership and group work skills. Habitat for Humanity have worked tirelessly on fundraising events to support their upcoming building trip to Portugal and et's not forget the numerous trips, international evenings and learning projects which have also filled this term.

What about the new students? How have they adapted to life at BM? We talked to a few:

Alejandra took one term away from her school in Madrid but has certainly made the most of her stay, by joining in lots of activities, including a design workshop in Milan and the MUN trip to Singapore. "I would definitely recommend coming for one term or more if you have the chance, " she says enthusiastically.

Americo from Brazil, who spent the Summer Course at Brillantmont before staying on for the School Year found it quite hard at first because it was his first time studying and living away from home. He says, "Now I'm happy and settled and I feel like it's my home. I've been able to live with other people from all the world and in Brazil you can't have that kind of experience. I've also been able to learn French and make good progress in English."

10th Grader Gabriela, also from Brazil says, "Before I came to Brillantmont I felt really nervous about whether or not I would make friends and about being away from home for such a long time. At the same time, I was also really excited, because my parents had this clear vision of me spending a year away from home & becoming more independent. I have made lots of good friends and everybody here is so sweet and lovely. I really love my classes. The teachers really care about you and if you have understood their subject and they find lots of ways for you to learn, which makes the classes fun."

It seems that our new students are well and truly settled in BM and enjoy being part of our big family. Click here to discover the school year at Brillantmont in this exciting film


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