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Coming back to Brillantmont

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

A new school year is ready to start at Brillantmont International School. As students across the world pack their bags, ready to step into this exciting new period of their lives, many will probably feel a bit nervous. It's understandable. Leaving  the security and comfort of home to go to boarding school is a huge step. "Will I fit in? Will I make friends? What happens when I get homesick" are just some of the apprehensions they may have.

The small size of Brillantmont and the family atmosphere they find is reassuring. On arrival, they meet the Student Leaders for their House, who welcome them and stay with them in the first few days, as they settle in. Within the first couple of days a House event enables them to meet their peers and to collaborate together on their first House activity. As school life gets underway, they'll realise that it's very easy to get to know teachers and students, because the classes are small, the teaching inclusive of all learning styles and the care of the boarding staff is exceptional.

Soon, any feelings of apprehension will disappear as they discover what a warm, welcoming community Brillantmont is. Of course, there may be occasional homesickness, but our experienced  staff are there to listen to their concerns and to support them, helping them through the tough times and celebrating the good ones together.  

So, for those packing their bags, we wish you a bon voyage and can't wait to welcome you into the Brillantmont family.


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