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Celebrating Student Achievement at Our Swiss Boarding School

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

Keeping students and parents in touch with their learning is of course crucial in any school. This happens in a variety of ways throughout the boarding school year depending on what the focus of the time is.  At Brillantmont International School, every four weeks students receive what is called an "Attitude to Learning" report, which grades students on their efforts and achievements, based on clearly defined and published criteria. 

Students who are particularly successful are recognised in the boarding school's weekly assembly and their achievements are recorded on their school transcripts, as well as being displayed on our Honour Roll. Through their example, they encourage and inspire their peers to set more ambitious goals and push themselves academically. It develops a pride in achievement and confidence in boarding school students that is incredibly valuable as they get ready to enter higher education and a career. 


More detailed, written reports on attainment are published at the end of every term for each student. The comments and guidance that the teachers provide students help them set their academic targets for the following term. It is a good way for teachers and students alike to reflect on the term and see where they are at in their goals. These reports are also available to parents for review via their online login to their child's private profiles on our school website. Through these private student accounts, parents are able to keep up-to-date on all of their child's academic progress and status at the school. It is a very useful tool for boarding school environments. 


Every year, some students at Brillantmont International School take A Level exams, American SATs, or IGCSEs examinations. All the children at the boarding school must therefore learn extensive amounts of material necessary for these exams and adopt healthy study habits to allow for optimal retention while still enjoying the material being learned. This is done with the incredible support of the teachers and staff at the school who not only provide classroom preparation, but also study periods, evening material review, and more. In a small school like Brillantmont, students helping each other prepare is also a large part of the exam readiness process. When the whole school is studying for exams of various kinds, depending on their grade level, there is a healthy environment of academic focus which leads to better test scores overall. When all your friends are studying, it provides added motivation to do so yourself. 


As the second term of the '16-'17 school year gets underway, it's important for students to look back, analyse and understand the challenges they faced and ensure they have learning strategies which will lead them to success in this new working period. This may include reaching out for extra support in certain areas. Our experienced team members are always working alongside our students, ensuring that they are supported and encouraged, helping them to learn, assimilate and develop skills and knowledge. Boarding school success both academically and beyond, is attainable for everyone! With the right school and the right support networks, incredible things can be accomplished.


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