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Brillantmont YES Club nominated for the Entrepreneurial School of the Year award

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

The Brillantmont YES (Young Enterprise Switzerland) Club is excited to be nominated for the Young Europe organisation’s ‘Entrepreneurial School of the Year’ award for Switzerland. The results will be announced at the Gen-E 2022 European Entrepreneurship Festival that takes place in Estonia from 12th - 14th July. Our educational partners at Young Enterprise Switzerland organization have nominated Brillantmont for the award and we would like to say a special thank you to our representatives Dominic Vomsattel and Silvan Margelist for their efforts on our behalf and to BM teacher, Mr Joe Brogan.


YES Club 2022

In YES Club at Brillantmont we have worked closely with Young Enterprise Switzerland organization to bridge the gap between economic and financial theory and real life practical business applications. The goal is to develop the entrepreneurial mindset, engage in dialogue, present solid opinions and take on responsibility.


We have partnered successfully with Young Enterprise Switzerland organization to bring in many innovative successful mentors and speakers from a variety of fields in business and finance. UBS is a great partner via Young Enterprise Switzerland organization, and these partners have inspired our Brillantmont YES Club students to create their own business start-ups. The students are using the business, finance, and investing knowledge they have gained this year to compete with one another to start their entrepreneurial endeavors in the form of a start-up. This project integrates all of the lessons learned from our business and finance mentors and YES Club studies to make a real impact in the world through sustainable and creative business proposals.


Brillantmont The Young Enterprise Switzerland Club 2

In the YES Club students have also learned about disciplined investing, entrepreneurial skills such as public speaking, branding and marketing, as well as stock investing and blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Our YES Club students compete in stock market and cryptocurrency investing simulations against participants from around the world.


Stay tuned and we will announce the results after they are announced in July. 


Brillantmont campus


Brillantmont International School

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