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Why Switzerland is a great choice to study in private schools

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Swiss private education has a reputation which stretches far beyond its national boundaries. Generations of young people have enjoyed not only a challenging, personalised education which has opened doors across the world but have taken advantage of the range of activities offered within the natural playground of Switzerland.

Switzerland is a safe country at the crossroads of Europe, sharing national borders with France, Italy, Austria and Germany. With four national language areas there are huge cultural differences, yet these differences make for successful cohabitation, earning the Swiss a reputation for tolerance, respect, understanding and safety. Moreover, multilingualism is a key part of the international school experience in Switzerland


Lausanne Switzerland and view of Lake Geneva


Private schools in Switzerland, including international private schools and day schools have flourished over the past 150 years. These days only Brillantmont International School is still owned by its founding family and celebrating its 140th year anniversary during the 2022-23 school year.

Questions always come up regarding why parents should send their child to study at Brillantmont and from many parents, here are a couple of comments that best describe their choice:

“At Brillantmont International School, our children settled in very well, especially because of the attention paid to the student’s individual needs, strengths, and areas of challenge. The teachers in small classrooms are able to teach each child with their individual learning style in mind.”


The boarding staff, the administrative team, sports coaches, health nurses, and academic teachers all get to know each student individually and thus are able to build a tailored education for each child.
To stay true to our principles of multiculturalism, we have a nationality quotas policy, thereby ensuring a diverse mix of backgrounds throughout the students that study in our school.

We promote a positive and supportive environment for students learning and well-being. Our boarding houses are the place our students call home and they can be decorated with photos and other personal objects. When people ask us what makes Brillantmont so special, it’s easy to answer. Quite simply - our students are always at the centre of everything we do.

Mountain climbing in Switzerland

When we asked one of our alumni to describe their experience, here is what they said:
"My time at Brillantmont was the happiest of my life. I was exploring the world and people at the age when that kind of exposure marks you for life - in this case in such a positive way. I have carried with me a sensitivity to diverse people, world views, traditions, beliefs, habits that I could never have developed if it hadn’t been for my time at Brillantmont. It made me truly “global” and has been a part of my joy and success throughout my life and will continue to be.

My advice to students would be to enjoy the enormous diversity of your fellow students. They will teach you so much just by being together and developing real friendships. Ask each other uncomfortable and good questions. Play and enjoy. It is the best time of your life and will shape everything you do as you charge forward in your own creative and unique way."

To find out why Switzerland is a great place to study and why Brillantmont is the best school for students, we look forward to welcoming you here at the campus for a visit or have a video call with our team to learn more about us.



Brillantmont International School

Founded in 1882, Brillantmont International School is one of the oldest boarding schools in Switzerland and is still owned and run by the founding family. We are celebrating our 140th birthday during the 2022-23 school year.


The school welcomes boarding and day students, aged 13-18 (Grades 8-12) from over 30 nationalities. Students follow stimulating courses leading to internationally recognised examinations (British IGCSE, A Level; American High School Diploma with SAT and IELTS).


Become part of our Brillantmont family, we cannot hear from you! Find out more by calling +41 21 310 0400 or by email admissions@brillantmont.ch. We’d love to tell you more!


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