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What being at Brillantmont International School means to me

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

School has been back for three weeks and life at Brillantmont International School is action packed. For new students, whether boarding or day students, there is a whole new Brillantmont world to be discovered, with lots of opportunities for growth in and out of the classroom.


Lorenzo II

Lavinia from Australia has been settling in well to the “overwhelmingly kind community”, whilst Juan finds that although the classes are harder than in his native Spain, “the staff are nice” and supportive.


For returning students, we were curious to know how they felt about returning to Brillantmont after the long holidays. It seems that for many, the holidays brought mixed feelings.

Lorenzo from Italy said, “I couldn’t wait to go back to school to find out how my room was, who I was with and who was on my floor. Now I’m back and I’m happy to be here with my friends. I think this year is one of the best in my life. I would like to create a brand and speak French well.”

Brillantmont Robotics and coding class

Marusia from Russia was thrilled to return since “Brillantmont has become my second family, so over the summer I missed my friends, teachers and staff.” She is keen to take advantage of all that Brillantmont offers and plans to “attend as many MUN conferences as possible and explore many different places in the world with my friends.”

Sky from China is an exceptional pianist so he was very excited about returning to school and “taking piano lessons, both solfege and playing, at the Conservatoire de Lausanne. I am seeking to master even further my dexterity of skills, both in composing – especially jazz – and playing.”


In spite of his busy schedule, he also has other objectives for the year, “I would expect myself to advance in French in the following years. Apart from French, I will also like to foresee myself skiing swiftly down pistes!”

The small size of Brillantmont and the exceptional level of support our incredible staff provide means we are confident we can help Sky and others like him achieve their goals.



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