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Parent Interview: The choice of a Swiss Boarding Middle School

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swiss boarding schoolRead a parent’s experience enrolling their child to a five-day middle school boarding programme at Brillantmont. 

The transition into boarding school can be challenging for both the students and their families. Entrusting the education and well being of your child to an institution can be daunting especially during the first few weeks away from home and family. This is why we interviewed a parent to share the experiences they’ve had with you. 

Mrs. O is a parent of a five-day boarder, from Gstaad, Switzerland. She shares her perspective sending her young daughter in the following Q&A.  

Why did you choose Brillantmont for your child's middle school education?

I chose Brillantmont for many reasons. First of all, the flexibility of the diploma was a great draw, both A-levels and American compatible. In addition, the school emphasises ethos, accountable leadership and quality academics.  Another thing that stands out about the school is its great location and beautiful campus in Lausanne. We were looking for a boarding school that was not too far away from home (I could be with my child within 1-2 hours if needed) as well as the ability to come home on weekends. We felt that our daughter was too young to be in full boarding, and to be able to see her on the weekends allows her to share with me how her week went. I like that the school is Swiss-owned and run. Too often one sees schools operating in Switzerland that lack the sensitivity for Swiss traditions and how things work here. I also appreciate the staff and the school's management of boundaries: they are not too strict (they give the children a sense of independence) but they are strict enough which ensures the children's safety. 

What do you appreciate most about Brillantmont?

I appreciate the structured and supportive environment as well as the well-trained staff.

What was the transition like into boarding school for your child?

It was good despite the fact that my child has some adjustment issues and has had a few too many transitions in the last 3 years.

Why is it important for your child to be at school in Switzerland?

To be close to home.

What is the most important thing that your child has learned at Brillantmont so far?

She has learned that she needs to work hard to succeed. 

Do you have any other comments about the middle school programme and why it has worked for your child?

I was pleased with Mrs. Boland's supportive and knowledgeable handling of my child's curriculum.


We are a small family run school that offers both day and boarding school programmes for boys and girls ages 11 to 18. Find out more about our  middle school programme or high school programmes by downloading our complete information package . 

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