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An exciting new learning adventure: new STEAM courses added to the mathematics and technology curriculum at Brillantmont

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September 2018 saw the launch of our new coding classes in our mathematics and technology department. In partnership with TechSpark Academy and EPFL, all of our grade 8 and 9 students are now learning computer programming as part of their core Brillantmont curriculum. These courses have been met with great enthusiasm by our students. Brillantmont is the only school in Switzerland to make such a course a compulsory part of the learning programme. Isn’t that a fantastic opportunity?


Coding classes in Brillantmont International School mathematics and technology department


We want our students to be developing connections between science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, the STEAM fields, and we are all very excited about the year ahead. Our aim for them is to develop the critical thinking skills needed find creative solutions to real-world problems using a basis of science and mathematics. Brillantmont students are going to be in a fantastic position to make the leap into our technological future.


The details of these courses are outlined below: you can also contact us for more information on course content and requirements. We anticipate that these courses will be extremely popular with our students, and we look forward to delivering the classes.


Programming with Arduino at Brillantmont International School8th Grade: Adventures in Robotics with Arduino
Build and program your own robot!

Robots have an increasing presence in our daily lives. Whether a student is interested in digital intelligence or is a fan of Star Wars’ R2-D2, this course will allow students to build a robot and then learn hands-on robotic programming with ‘Arduino’, a very popular robot programming language.


Students programming with Arduino at Brillantmont International School

About Arduino
Arduino is an open source language and platform based on both a microcontroller board and a development environment, which will enable the user to write codes to interact with the environment. Be it a simple blinking LED or a more complex line-follower obstacle-avoiding robot, Arduino can do it!



Programming in Python at Brillantmont International School in Switzerland9th Grade: Build Your Own Digital game or App with Python
Easily pick up a powerful and fast computer language

Students are introduced to computer programming using one of the most popular professional programming languages on the market. Python is easy to pick up, whether a student is a first-time programmer or experienced with other languages. They will enjoy writing short programs with Python, will work on group exercises, and will then build a game of their choice.


Students programming in Python at Brillantmont International School in Switzerland



About Python
Python is one of the world’s most frequently used coding language: according to codeeval.co, Python has retained its number one position for four years, followed by Java, C++, and JavaScript. It plays well with others, it runs everywhere, s friendly and easy to learn, and is open.

We will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of these two courses. We firmly expect these to be popular and exciting additions to the STEAM subject syllabus at BM, and we look forward to seeing what our students can create through their coding skills.


Want to learn more about the education at Brillantmont International School or ready to register your child in our programme? Click the link below.


Boarding School Programme at Brillantmont International School in Switzerland


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