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Multi-faceted Maths at Brillantmont International School

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We're always thinking cross-curricular at Brillantmont and trying to find ways to engage the students in Maths by thinking creatively. We are currently in the throes of the "Splat competition", which is a regular annual event for which students can win a prize by completing as much of the booklet as possible. The Brillantmont Splat Challenge 2018

splat challenge.jpg

The aim is to foster an interest in logical thinking and mathematics above and beyond the curriculum. It is also timed to be part of our annual cross curricular week in the run up to International Pi day in March.

From 5th -9th March, for one week only, we will have a Mathexpo.  All the Maths teachers and the Art Department are encouraging students to submit mathematically themed artwork and we will be choosing the best ones to frame and display. Maths quizzes 2.jpg

The overall theme of the exhibition is "Towards Abstraction" in order to highlight the move from concrete ideas and calculations into the world of algebra and modern art after the invention of photography. Art teacher, Mrs Mc Fall is working with students to look at the link between art, science and maths in her lessons. She is going to highlight the links between the 3 subjects in different periods of history. In Maths lessons, we will be saving the most artistic elements of geometry and teaching them at the same time.

The main purpose of the Mathexpo is to highlight links between our department and others so that students are able to see the connections and go on to be enlightened, creative, motivated individuals with higher order thinking skills! 

splat challenge2.jpg   splat challenge3.jpg



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