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Lessons in Coding and Animation - Brillantmont Kicks Off STEAM Programme

| 1 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

The new school year has begun, and our students have already picked up some new skills in their STEAM Coding classes! Grades 8 and 9 have been working on programming for animated sequences, with some very creative results. 

Students have been getting familiar with HTML and Scratch, building instructions to get animated animals dancing in time with music tracks.

Below you will see some of the work our students have produced. They had a lot of fun producing these sequences, and we think the results are pretty cool, too!



STEAM Courses at Brillantmont
The Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics programme at Brillantmont is designed to prepare our students for the workplace and beyond. It combines core subjects with projects that require skills from all of these areas - such as our creative digital animations! Students demonstrate artistic flair, timing and rhythm, and the ability to manipulate technology, all while having a lot of fun with their dancing animals!

John Kennedy, our Mathematics Coordinator, has a lot of plans for the coming school year, and our students will be getting hands-on with MIT’s Scratch programming language as we delve deeper into the art of coding.

Our students are excited to take their block code translation skills to the next level, so watch this space for news of our latest experiments and productions! In the meantime, we will leave you with this video clip, in which teacher Kennedy explains the practical applications and benefits of studying coding and robotics at Brillantmont.



Brillantmont International School

Founded in 1882, Brillantmont International School is one of the oldest boarding schools in Switzerland and is still owned and run by the founding family. The school welcomes boarding students and day students, aged 13-18 (Grades 8-12) from over 30 nationalities. Brillantmont students follow stimulating courses leading to internationally recognised examinations (British IGCSE, A Level ; American High School Diploma with SAT and IELTS). 
Small class sizes ensure that every student has close teacher attention and is constantly challenged. 

Students also enjoy the many extra-curricular activities available, which include Habitat for Humanity, Model United Nations, sailing, cooking club, events planning club, vocal club, rock band and numerous sports clubs such as tennis, volleyball, football,  trampoline and many more.

If you would like to know more about our course content, or if you have any questions for our staff, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call +41 21 310 0400 or email admissions@brillantmont.ch us at Brillantmont to speak to a member of the admissions team, and we will be happy to answer your questions.




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