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Geometry week at Brillantmont.

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"A while ago, we shared our preparations for Geometry Week at Brillantmont International School. It's in full swing and the students continue to be engaged in interesting and exciting new ways of connecting maths to the world around us.  All this week students at Brillantmont are improving their geometry skills and getting to grips with abstract concepts. Every year our mathematics department joins forces with a different department and asks students to consider the links between subjects. This year we are connecting the dots between mathematics and art. Students have been learning about geometry and creating designs using abstract compositions and impossible shapes.

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As part of Geometry Week, the mathematics and art department are curating an exhibition on the theme of abstraction. In many subjects at school we are encouraging our students to move from the concrete world of particular examples to a broader overview which include general and abstract ideas. This can be seen clearly in mathematics lessons as students learn the rules and operations that govern algebra. The exhibition connects this process with similar learning goals across the school curriculum and opens our eyes to how much geometry and abstraction is all around us, if we only look."

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