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BM students' world success in maths

| 6 comments| by JK JK

Brillantmont teachers are always using different resources in order to fully engage and stimulate their students. In the Maths Department, some classes are signed up to the online iMaths and my iMaths platform. Through a variety of activities, games and quizzes, students can extend and reinforce their maths skills, consolidating their in-class knowledge. Their teachers can even set and mark homework through it. Students receive clearly explained feedback on their results, helping them and the teacher evaluate areas of strength and areas which need further work.

Teacher Kennedy, our Maths Co-ordinator,  says that whilst iMaths isn't appropriate to all classes, he does use it quite significantly, particularly with the younger students because, "it's supplementary to traditional text book work and enables the students to learn in a variety of different ways, which I think is a really positive thing because it allows them to access material from different viewpoints and gives them a deeper understanding. They actually don't realise they're learning when they re doing it."


What's more, the platform allows them to rank against other students and schools. What could be more motivating than seeing your name at the top of the world-wide results board?

We are very proud of our students' achievements as they regularly figure in the top score boards and particularly  so of 9th Grader Kirill, who is consistently on the leader's board across a range of areas and even features on the all-time top scores board. Maths quizzes.jpg

This means that out of hundreds of schools from all over the world, he remains unbeaten in the top ten. He is rather shy about his accomplishments but did reveal that he has been leader on one current board for the past month. How amazing is that? We heartily congratulate him  and also the BM Maths teachers for putting the mind-blowing back into Maths!



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