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Top 10 Reasons to head to Lausanne for summer school

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

chocolate factory caillerThe fourth-largest city in Switzerland, Lausanne is a cultural and economic centre. The seat of the International Olympic Committee since 1915, the city hosts many sporting events and fosters a multicultural environment. Brillantmont International School takes advantage of this incredible location. The school is located in a residential area of the city, right next to a large park and the Swiss Federal Supreme Court. 

1. Time at the lake

Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is an ideal location from which to enjoy lake sporting activities, walks through the downtown and along the shores, ice cream on hot days, and incredible views of the French alps across the water.

2. Near to the mountains

High hills with incredible views of the lake and mountains are located just minutes behind Lausanne. The city is considered the "San Francisco" of Switzerland, thanks to its curvy, hilly landscape. In addition, with only a short bus ride, students will find themselves hiking along beautiful mountain paths, rock climbing, and enjoying spectacular alpine scenery.

3. Exposure to languages

Switzerland provides a unique opportunity for your child to be exposed to many languages! Along with the four official ones - French, German, Italian and Romansh - English and a variety of other languages are also heard on a daily basis. The Lake Geneva region, is also home to many international organisations. Most notably, the United Nations creates one of the most internationally diverse communities in Europe, if not the world. As your child learns English or French in summer school, they are able to put the languages into practice almost everywhere they go.

4. Rich history 

Lausanne has a proud history that goes back hundreds of years. It was once a celtic settlement and then a Roman military camp. Eventually, in 1803, the city that had grown up on the shores of the lake became the capital of the canton of Vaud. All this history in the buildings and streets of the city can be explored as your child walks down to the lake for sporting activities.

5. Chillon Castle

Only a short trip down the lake is the historic Chillon Castle, one of Switzerland’s most visited monuments. This majestic structure will awe any visitor who explores its towers and dungeons built out into the lake.

6. Cultural Centre, rich with museums

Lausanne is home to twenty-five museums including Musée de L’Élysée, a photography museum; the Olympic Museum; Collection de l’Art Brut, the home of Outsider Art; The Cantonal Museum of Currency; and Espace des Inventions, a science and technology learning centre geared towards children. 

7. The weather

In the summer, weather in Lausanne mainly stays around 25 degrees, perfect for outdoor adventures!

8. Incredible pastry and chocolate shops!

With many patisseries and many more dedicated to chocolate in the city, Lausanne provides ample opportunity to satisfy a sweet tooth!

9. Sporting Facilities

Brillantmont International School and the Lausanne area offer great facilities for tennis, basketball, ultimate frisbee, trampoline, running and lake sports such as swimming, windsurfing, boating, and paddling. 

10. Indoor activities

When the weather turns for the worse or students are tired of the outdoors, Lausanne offers swimming, bowling, and ice-skating opportunities, cinemas to name just a few. 

Registration is now open for this year’s summer school in Lausanne! Space is quickly filling up so reserve a place for your child today! Click here for our information package which includes enrolment details and forms. 

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