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Asking the Alumni: Jacqueline Benaim

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

Asking the Alumni: Jacqueline BenaimIn Why Study in Switzerland?, the latest ebook from Brillantmont, we asked alumni, parents and current students to tell us why Switzerland is such a great place to attend school. Let’s hear more from one alumnus, Jacqueline Benaim.

1. Why would you recommend Switzerland as a country in which to study?

“Switzerland is a beautiful, nature oriented country with plenty of gorgeous places to visit – either cosmopolitan or in the forest, woods and mountains. It's a country famous, among other things, for its boarding schools so there is a natural atmosphere of hospitality for students and youngster from every nationality. It is a quiet, safe country.”

2. What do you like about Swiss culture and multiculturalism?

“You can walk in any street and hear people talking either in French, German or Italian. This provides a welcoming atmosphere in which to learn any of these languages, and to understand different cultures in a natural way. It broadens young people's minds and contributes to making them think as ‘citizens of humanity’, with respect for all cultures.”

3. What were your favourite Swiss traditions and modern innovations?

“I loved Christmas vacations at the ski resort of Morgins where we had the opportunity to interact with the culture, people, food and idiosyncrasies of life in the Alps. As for modern touches, cities like Zurich and Geneva impressed me the most – as centres of Swiss banking, they have a powerful look and ambiance.”

4. What did you like most about the geography and landscape of Switzerland?

“Switzerland had the most beautiful landscapes at my reach everywhere I went, and everywhere I looked. The majesty of Mother Nature, respected and cared for by the Swiss people.”

5. Lastly, did you enjoy your time at Brillantmont?

“Brillantmont was the most wonderful lifetime experience for me ever. My husband and kids feel my joy too, so it has been a family experience. I am who I am thanks to my Brillantmont stay in 1979. I enrolled in every single activity proposed by our beloved Madame Frei. There were many occasions when our group (17 Venezuelans and friends from Argentina, India, Brazil and Curaçao) asked to organise more and more activities to enjoy the beautiful country of Switzerland and its people.

“I loved my teachers: French class, English class, music and art, Swiss history and so on. They marked in a positive way my spirit, my soul, my consciousness. After more than 30 years our group is in a daily contact online, and we try to get together anytime we can.

“Brillantmont is, and always will be in our daily lives and thoughts.”

Wonderful words, Jacqueline, thank you very much! Read from other Brillantmont alumni, parents and students in our latest ebook entitled Why Study in Switzerland? In it you’ll find lots of information from the people that know Switzerland and Brillantmont the best, as well as some touching memories and personal stories.

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