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Summer Course in Lausanne - Switzerland - Brillantmont International School

7 reasons why kids love summer courses in Switzerland

| 0 comments| by Sarah Frei Sarah Frei

7 reasons why kids love summer courses in SwitzerlandThere are many fantastic reasons why spending a summer at Brillantmont and practising a language is one of the best ways to make the most of the holidays. Here are our top ten reasons why your kids will love attending the Brillantmont Summer Course in Switzerland!

1. Make new friends from all over the world!

Children come from all over the world to attend our Summer Course, to learn French, practise their English, and make new friends. These friendships can last a lifetime, meaning that as adults, they’ll have connections far and wide.

2. Fun, educational and modern teaching in small classes

A Swiss international education is highly regarded around the world and at Brillantmont, our teachers aim to deliver the language curriculum in an interesting and innovative way, where the individual needs of each child can be addressed.

3. Fabulous evening and weekend activities and excursions!

It’s not all work, work, work; evenings and weekends mean social activities and excursions! Whether it’s rock-climbing, visiting Geneva or relaxing at the open-air swimming pool, Brillantmont excursions are rich, varied and inclusive. Learn about our activities or our many excursions »

4. Kids always feel safe and secure at Brillantmont

Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world, and studying here allows children (and their parents!) to enjoy their time without any concerns. Students can instead focus on learning languages and enjoying their summer.

5. Days are fun-filled & action-packed, with no time to be bored!

Having read a day in the life of a summer course student, you’ll know that a typical day has the perfect balance of study, fun and social activities. There’s plenty of time for rest too, which kids will need, given everything there is to do at Brillantmont!

6. Lausanne is a breathtaking place to live and learn

Summer in Switzerland is a truly magical time, with Lake Geneva, the Alps, modern cities like Lausanne and Geneva, and an abundance of natural beauty. The fresh mountain air, clean, safe streets and fabulous scenery make Switzerland a joyous place to live and learn.

7. Get to know Brillantmont and Swiss international schooling

Our Summer Course is an excellent way for children to get to know Brillantmont. Many return each summer, while others go on to enrol in our full-time Middle or High School academic programmes.

Find out more about the Brillantmont Summer Course 2014, including how to register »

Find out more about the Brillantmont Summer Course


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