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Brillantmont Summer Course Information

Join the Brillantmont 2024 Summer School in Switzerland! Registration opens later this year.


Summer Course 2024 dates: Saturday July 6th to Saturday 17th August

The Brillantmont Summer Course in Switzerland has been hugely popular for over 30 years, with many students returning year after year.

Founded in 1882, Brillantmont Summer Course offers an amazing summer experience for international boys and girls aged 10-17.

Maybe it's your first time away from home; maybe you plan to start the full academic year afterwards.


We'll give you a Swiss summer adventure you'll never forget! You deserve it!

Great learning experience!

Key facts:
- French or English classes in the morning
- small classes, lots of teacher attention
- amazing afternoon programme
- evening activity programme
- weekend excursions
- airport transfer included
- outstanding 24h care and support
- friends for life

Small school, huge fun!


Our Summer Course is about engaging, dynamic learning in the classroom, enjoying making friends, having fun. Our experienced staff are here to look after and support you.


A Swiss summer is full of nature, sunshine, lakes, water, mountains, fresh air. Come and make memories with us!

Summer Course Programme


In the afternoons choose from:


* BM Move – our most popular programme. Enjoy a wide variety of sports on campus or by the lake, which may include paddle, banana boat, tennis, trampoline, basketball, soccer, volleyball and more.


* BM Tennis Ace - 2 afternoons of advanced tennis skills.


* BM Create - 2 afternoons of Creative Arts.

* BM Code - 2 afternoons of Coding and Robotics (taught in English).

With lots of evening activities and excursions at the weekend, we're sure you'll have a great time!

Summer Course 2024 registration


Summer Course price


Price = CHF 2'700.- per week. For stays of 3 weeks or more, you pay less, so why not stay longer?


2 weeks=CHF 5’400.-
3 weeks=CHF 7’800.– (save CHF 300.-)
4 weeks=CHF 10’100.– (save CHF 700.-)
5 weeks=CHF 12'300.– (save CHF 1200.-)
6 weeks=CHF 14'400.- (save CHF 1800.-)


The Summer Course is great value for money. There are no hidden extras! Everything is included in the price.


    • - 20 periods of language classes (choice of French or English) per week
    • - the weekly class trip every Wednesday afternoon to visit well-known Swiss attractions
    • - the afternoon programme
    • - all evening activities and weekend excursions
    • - full board and excellent accommodation on the school campus (max= 3 students per room)
    • - all transfers to and from Geneva airport or Lausanne train station (on Saturdays only)
    • - 24/7 supervision and care by experienced, qualified staff and our health team
    • - accident and sickness insurance.


* There is a transfer cost for any students who does not arrive or leave on the Saturday and for any student who does not arrive at / leave from Geneva airport.



Terms and Conditions


Payment of the Summer Course fees
- On enrolment, you will receive an invoice for the Summer Course fees. These must be paid in full within 30 days. Until we receive payment, your child's place is not guaranteed.
- The invoice for any enrolments after 1st April 2024 must be paid within 10 days.


- Before 1st April 2024 = a full refund will be given
- Between 1st April and 1st June 2024 = a refund of 50% will be given
- After 1st June 2024 = no refund will be given.


If a participant is expelled or chooses to leave before the end of the camp, no fees are refunded.

"I would like to thank you all for once more giving our children such a wonderful time at BM! I am so glad to have been able to share my experience with my children. The three of them have loved it and have very fond memories of their time there, as do I."
- Mum of C. from Argentina, 11th family member to attend BM
Summer Course 2024 dates: Saturday July 6th to
Saturday 17th August
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Summer Course today!

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