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Summer School in Switzerland -loads to look forward to in Summer 2021!


We all need to have something positive to look forward to and what better than the Brillantmont Summer Course 2021! We can't wait to see you here. 


Summer Course 2021 dates: Saturday July 3rd to Saturday 14th August


The Brillantmont Summer Course in Switzerland has been hugely popular for over 30 years, with many students returning year after year.

For some, our Summer Course is their first time away from home; for others, it is a way of getting to know Brillantmont before starting the full year in September.


A Swiss summer adventure you'll never forget!

Great learning experience!

A unique Summer Course programme for boys and girls aged 10-17.
International students from 30 different countries.
French or English studies in the morning; a variety of sports in the afternoon or a special activity - French+, tennis or creative arts.
Students put their language skills to good use during the fun evening activities and weekend excursions.
When our daughter Nanako first attended a summer programme at Brillantmont, we realized that all the school staff treated her as if she were their family. We were truly grateful to all of them and decided to let her go back to Brillantmont next summer.
- Mr and Mrs M, parents of Nanako from Japan.
Summer Course 2021 dates:
Saturday July 3rd to Saturday 14th August.
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