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International Boarding and Day School in Lausanne, Switzerland for a unique learning experience


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Brillantmont marks the beginning of a unique experience in our students' lives, when coming to study in Switzerland. Friendships will be forged, academic excellence will be attained, and the cornerstones of our philosophy will be imparted: curiosity, responsibility, respect and inter-cultural understanding.


Brillantmont’s academic programme is internationally recognised and addresses the individual needs of each of our students.

We accept students aged 13-18 to the Boarding and Day School (Grades 8-12) for a full school year or longer and also for one term.

Brillantmont is a special place to live and learn. We are thrilled to welcome students from over 30 different countries into the BM family


Could Brillantmont be the right choice for you?



Swiss Boarding School experience


Living on campus among both their peers and caring, supportive staff means our students are fully immersed in an environment conducive with educational excellence, so vital at this stage of their school careers. Learning to live together in a multi-cultural community helps students grow and develop as individuals, respectful and caring towards others.



British IGCSE / A-Level & American Diploma - keeping doors open


Brillantmont presents exciting new opportunities for boarding students as they prepare for university with our International IGCSE / A-Level programme and American Diploma. Whichever course of study is right for the student, we make sure it opens doors for the future.

Some facts about our boarding school:


Brillantmont is home to around 100 boarding students, each living in one of five boarding houses;


Students are housed according to age and gender and are appropriately supervised;


As Brillantmont students mature, they are encouraged to become more responsible.


Our boarding staff live on campus, amongst the students so students always feel safe and secure;


Living with others of different nationalities is an enriching experience, which develops inter-cultural understanding and sensitivity to people from other cultures;


Even students who arrive in the middle of the school year can fit in easily and quickly make new friends;


Brillantmont also welcomes many day students from Swiss and expat families living in and around Lausanne in the canton of Vaud

Brillantmont is a school which values the individual. This is reflected in the curriculum offered, which celebrates the cultural diversity of the school.
Parent testimonial
“As a parent, I felt that studying at Brillantmont was probably the happiest period of my son’s life. What attracted me most to Brillantmont was its small size and long history, which set it apart from any other Switzerland boarding schools. Its small size allowed my son to develop his personal talents according to his interests, including the freedom to choose his favourite courses, play his favourite sports and even choose who to live next door to, enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Geneva from his window every day. Brillantmont’s long history allows it to maintain a rigorous teaching style. My son could communicate directly with every experienced teacher, so as to achieve good grades of all A+, which also helped him get admitted to University College London in the UK as he wished. I always share my feelings about Brillantmont with my friends and hope that their children can also have such a happy high school life.”
- Mr Z, father of recent alum, who joined Brillantmont from Middle School onwards
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family today!

Owned by the same family since 1882, Brillantmont creates a home from home, in which students can grow and develop in and beyond the classroom. Family and a sense of feeling at home is central to what we do.

We’d love to welcome you here so you can discover what makes our school so incredible.


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