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Download A Levels vs IB eBook

Understanding A Levels compared to International Baccalaureate

Download the eBook to understand the difference.


Brillantmont is one of the only schools in the Lake Geneva area which teaches British A Levels. Many schools offer the IB (International Baccalauréat), however, here at Brillantmont, we feel strongly that IB is not the best programme for everyone. We have decades of experience in preparing students to succeed at A Level.


What is  the difference between the A Levels vs International Baccalaureate:

- What are the A Levels, AS Levels and IB?

- How do the two curricula compare to each other?

- What is more beneficial when applying to a University?


The eBook answers these questions and more.

A Levels Focus on Your Strengths


With A Levels, students get to choose three, four or even five subjects, which they can study in depth. They can focus on subjects they like and enjoy and not be pulled down by having to study subjects they don't want to study.


In the IB, the programme is fixed and students have to study a range of subjects, including those which they may not enjoy.


Are A Levels too easy?


If a student is academically good all round, won't they be held back by A Levels?


No, because if a student is very strong academically, he or she will take a wider range of A Levels - perhaps even five. This is absolutely possible. Many of our students leave with more than three A Levels because we want to challenge them intellectually.


Our timetabling and our personalised approach to learning means that every student can take the class that they would like.

"Students who have taken Cambridge international A Levels are very well prepared for our curriculum and we find that they have a lot of confidence, but also that they have a good, deep subject knowledge."
- Stuart Schmill, Dean of Admissions, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Why Brillantmont teaches A Levels?

Whether you want to study Medicine, Law or Art, A Levels at Brillantmont offer a wide range of possibilities to excel in obtaining the qualifications needed for your chosen University application.